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  3. jajajaja no veo las pendejadas pero bueno, solo veo gente que ante ciertas situaciones solo sabe maldecir e insultar ponerse “bravos”, gente realmente corta de vista…jejeje, lo que debieras hacer en vez de insultar es documentarte, leer, no “navegar” únicamente, los libros de Time Life son libros recomendados, nada “baratos”

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  5. Purrs for sister Kit! The crew here has been all boogery with allergies–Mommy has been pilling some of us with benadryl for a few days and it help a lot.

  6. [Male] Circumcision is not a form of mutilation. It was traditionally done for hygienic reasons.On what planet?Abrahamic (and Egyptian) tradition makes no mention of hygiene for the simple reason that the concept was unknown. Modern circumcision–as promoted in the US–was intended to prevent masturbation. All hygienic claims are post-hoc rationalizations.And how is cutting normal tissue from the body of an infant NOT mutilation? Are there any other body parts granted this exemption?

  7. JJ not sure if she wants the actual suburb mentioned but I can tell you they have bellbirds, fresh air and a hippy Saturday market with a chai tea tent. :))) Yay for them!

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  9. Salut Capucine,Pardon si mon commentaire n’a rien à voir avec le post du jour, mais en mars dernier tu avais fait une séance de blanchiment dentaire chez Pure Smile. J’aurais aimé savoir si l’effet a perduré ou non. En ce moment, j’hésite entre quelques séances dans un bar à sourire ou une séance chez le dentiste.Merci et bonne continuation 🙂

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  13. Hi Cindy,Thankyou so much for your advice. I will pickup some primo and give it a go.I had another go with the sculpey last night with much colder hands and that’s helped considerably.I will have a look at your courses now and will no doubt be signing up to the beginners course.Kindest RegardsBev

  14. ok , i try to make games , too , in game maker (dude I SUCK!) my best game was called : cell of creation , i never published it , you control a cell , you can eat , fight , and reproduce , just be careful with anothers cells and viruses… LOL dude… i never finished the game your game is soooo cool , i wish i could make games like you… :-/i know i need to train , see tutorials , but i already did that , A LOT … well , i quit off the idea of making games…

  15. I read Mr. Wright’s discussion of atheism with great interest. His comments about the “Romantics” reminded me of how I read many years ago four of the books of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. If I can trust my memory, de Chardin too believed “evolution” was leading life either to God, or to becoming God, which he called the “Omega Point.” De Chardin was criticized for undermining the doctrine of Original Sin and teaching what amounted to pantheism. So, while I read books of his like THE DIVINE MILIEU with interest, I was not convinced by de Chardin’s argument. Sean M. Brooks

  16. I am going to try this recipe for Thanksgiving to free up oven space! Thanks for posting! Question: I really like my green beans crispy, how do these turn out? And how many does this feed? Thanks!

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  21. Cher CM,J’ai du mal à saisir votre logique. Vous affirmez: « l’islam n’est pas une religion comme les autres » pour renchérir directement « c’est la (sic) catholicisme du Moyen-Age au XIXe siècle ». Deux solutions: soit j’ai un gros problème cognitif et ce message est sans objet, soit vous êtes arrivé à introduire une contradiction flagrante dès la première phrase de votre exposé lapidaire. Avouez qu’on a fait mieux comme mise en bouche.Au plaisir de vous lire

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  39. LOVE Covet! Woodstock and Showboat are gorgeous too (though more dupable in my collection). I definitely need to check these out now–I tend not to worry too much about wear-time these days since I have my trusty seche-vite Becca recently posted …

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